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H.O.W.L was a little something I made up when I was young, it stands for Help Our Wolves Live. Wolves have been an endangered species for a while now and are slowly fading away. Humans were killing them because they would get into a farmer's live stalk or destroy their gardens, only looking for food. And tales like "Little Red Riding Hood" or "The Three Little Pigs" make the wolf look like the bad guy. In America there has only been one human that was attacked by a wolf and killed, other then that they are more afraid of us then we are of them. Wolves are beautiful creatures that keep the deer population steady and the ecosystem alive. Believe it or not wolves are more human in certain ways.


They travel in packs or "Family Units", each wolf playing a certain role to help the pack. Alpha Male and Female, being the highest rank, lead the pack through the hard times and the good as well. They are the only two members that are allowed to have pups unless they need others to help populate the pack. The Alpha's lead the hunts, and care more about the pack's safety and health then their own. Then there are the Beta's who are second in command, if an Alpha dies, either the Beta Male or Female take their place. The Beta Male is usually related to the Alpha Male. Subordinate wolves take part in the hunting, babysitting the pups, and are usually young in age, not having an exact role to play yet. And lastly theres the Omega who likes to be by itself. The Omega will hunt alone, or wait till all the others are finished then eat what little is left. The normally suclued themselves from the other members and sleep alone too, they are also known as The Lone Wolf.


 Wolves were recently re-introduced back into the wild, but to be killed again for all the same reasons. Around the United States they have wolf perserves where they take in wolves, and raise them to survive. No, these are nothing like zoos where the animal is used for entertainment. The people there are mostly volenteers that dedicate themselves to these creatures, knowing they have a purpose in life. So stop to think about these animals for a moment, put yourslef in their paws and feel the pain of being taken away from your family...getting killed for trying to hunt, getting killed for doing what you were created for. H.O.W.L....for the wolves sake.


 If you listened to what I wrote and feel the same way I do. Go to or and adopt a wolf. In doing this your money will go to the organization and be used for food, toys, ect. Thank you for taking the time to read this...thank you for caring ^-^

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