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About Wolves

WERC stands for Wolf Education and Research Center who are dedicated to providing public education and scientific research concerning the gray wolf and its habitat in the Northern Rocky Mountains. The Center will provide the public with the rare opportunity to observe and learn more about the wolf in its natural habitat. It is their goal to be an inclusive organization that offers factual and balanced information. They seek to enhance public awareness of threatened species in the region and to develop in concert with residents ways to coexist with these species.


WERC offers internships and allows voulenteers to help them with the wolf project. People from all over are able to adopt a wolf in order to help raise money. I for example, adopted Amani and they sent me updates through the mail for one year, then had me go online for additional updates on him and the pack.


I wish there were more people out their like the members at WERC who have given back the wolves what humans took from them in the first place.
Keep it up WERC! Doing a great job!
She who whispers to the wolves
A lot of the information I have used on the Sawtooth Pack members including the updates all came from their site. Please visit WERC at the link belowto learn more about the amazing creatures and wonderful people behind the project.
Thanks ^-^


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