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Wolf Hollow, formally known as the North American Wolf Foundation was founded in 1988 by Paul C. Soffron. The president wanted to offer a place where people could view and learn about wolves, in hopes that visitors might be inclined to help preserve the species in the wild.
In the last ten years, Wolf Hollow has welcomed over 250,000 visitors. It has become a very popular place for school field trips, and the public is always welcome on weekends weather permitting. We are pleased to say that schools come from all over New England to participate in this unique educational program.


Our pack of British Colombian timber wolves started with five pups donated by other facilities in the United States. The original five were from three different litters so that a family could be started at the facility.


Visitors have the opportunity to view the wolf hollow pack while a one hour educational lecture is presented. The recommended age for this program is five years and up. While learning about how the wolf lives in a family group, its role in nature, its history with man, and the fight to preserve their species in the wild, visitors observe the wolves interacting with their pack-mates at close range.


Like WERC, Wolf Hollow allows you to adopt a wolf in order to help raise money for the organization. The wolf I adopted from them was Luna (below) and I got to go and visit her because she is only two hours away ^-^ It was the best thing I have ever done in my life and something never to forget.
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